Land Administration Workshop

23rd October 2013

The organizers want to take advantage of the presence of international experts and participants to organize a one day workshop on land administration, a way to exchange experiences, practices and expertise with their colleagues from the region on various aspects on land policies and good land governance.


This one-day workshop will be divided in two sessions. The first session will address issues related to land administration in the context of disaster management, post-conflict, modernization etc. Possible solutions, best practice and tools will also be presented and discuss with a special focus on fit-for-purpose approaches: adapted, appropriate and incremental. The second session will be dedicated to gender issues: gender equity, women access to land, women access to the land surveying profession, etc. as well as education and professional development. At the end of the workshop, the participants will have basic documentations and references and will be more aware about what should be considered, avoided and prioritized to put in place a successful land administration project or improve one, in different contexts, and this, with more equity between genders.


For theses training sessions, simultaneous interpretation services (French and English) will be available. The Organizers are targeting 100 participants, principally from the region.