International Symposium

24th October 2013

International Symposium on Land Policies and Land Governance (24th October)


Following the workshop, an International Symposium on Land Policies and Land governance will be organized. This symposium will be open to all and the organizers wish to keep the registration fees at a minimal level to encourage regional participation.


The reference framework in terms of land policies and land governance, promoted by major international institutions, will be presented and discussed. This framework includes:


§  Africa Union Land Policy Initiative

§  Global Land Tool Network  Capacity Development Initiative in land policy and other tool-kits.

§  Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF)

§  Fit-for-purpose Land Administration

§  UEMOA, Rural West African Land observatory (ORFAO)



The academicand professional development needed to support such land policies and improve land governance will also be an integral part of the symposium.  For this International Symposium, simultaneous interpretation services (French and English) will be provided.